2Emotion, become autonomous for your marketing video and outperform your digital performance. 2Emotion is the owner of an outstanding platform enabling digital marketers to create simply and rapidly exceptional videos without need of technical or artistic skills.

Sales Manager


Design, Development of Robots and Automated systems , Mechanical engineering design office, Product Design

Order taker / Supplier

3D MORPHOZ (start-up Innovact)

Faciliter vos opérations de maintenance en diminuant vos coûts et vos délais d'intervention

Revolutionize industrial maintenance with 3D printing. We are developing a digital platform to transform your stock of spare parts into virtual stock. Our goal: gain responsiveness and decrease the value of your immobilized stock.



4Dcell is developing smart"micro-organs" for pre-clinical in vitro tests, key predictive steps in the drug design chain. Close to the human system (thanks to the control of the cellular microenvironment), they make it possible to predict the future behavior of molecules on humans.

Associate Director

Start-up Challenge 2020


Edition of API/software in Artificial Intelligence, semantic analysis of unstructured content, Automatic generation of textual content


50 Partners

français: Un écosystème unique et les ressources pertinentes pour accompagner les entrepreneurs à chaque étape clé - 50 entrepreneurs qui accompagnent les success stories de demain

Instrumentation de mesure, capteurs, traitement d'images et systèmes connectés

Engineering consultancy in measurement and detection systems : laser sensors, Image and data processing, artificial intelligence. Solution proposals, proof of concept, industrial prototypes.

Order taker / Supplier


Le commissaire aux comptes est un intervenant externe à l’entreprise. Dans la vie de cette dernière, il exécute des contrôles concernant les comptes de l’entreprise et sa situation financière d’une façon plus globale, mais il intervient également plus ponctuellement.

Order taker / Supplier


Conseil en Industrialisation pour les projets en Robotique et en Automatisme. En tant qu’expert depuis plus de 20 ans, nous vous accompagnons dans toutes les phases de vos projets d’industrialisation : de la définition du votre besoin jusqu’à la formation de vos collaborateurs.

Order taker / Supplier

ABF Décisions

ABF Décisions est un cabinet spécialisé dans la recherche et la mise en oeuvre de financements publics (subventions, crédits d'impôts, avances récupérables ...). Nos ingénieurs et nos docteurs déploient un accompagnement opérationnel, technique et sécurisant.

Order taker / Supplier


ABEO is a French group and one of the global leaders in the sports and leisure equipment sector.


Change management Management consultancy and training Project Portfolio Management

Order taker / Supplier


Acsystème supports its customers as an R&D and innovation service in the fields of control-command engineering, artificial intelligence, data science, algorithms, signal processing, image & video processing and analysis, optimization, model based design, simulation, scientific computing.

Order taker / Supplier


The expertise of Acteam Pro: - Strategy consulting - Project financing (innovation, international, investment) - Human resources consulting For 25 years, the consultancy company ACTEAM PRO has been committed and supports innovative companies.

Order taker / Supplier

Actemium NDT - Products & Systems

NDT products and systems supplier

Order taker / Supplier


Actemium Toulouse Robotique & Automation is an integrator of robotic cells and offers a tailor-made solutions to industrial customers: control and measurement of parts, surface treatment, FSW, machine loading / intralogistics, assembly

Order taker / Supplier


Startup innovante expert pour la fabrication de Quantum Dots (QDs) non toxiques fonctionnalisés.

ACTINOVA is the benchmark company for fabrication and grafting of Quantum Dots. ACTIQDs are particularly attractive due to their bright and strongly size-tunable color of photoluminescence. ACTINOVA uses Quantum Dots to supply the various industrial applications

Activ Browser Technology

Have you ever thought about reproducing your work environment in the form of a 3D virtual center in which your co-workers will use avatars to access documents and learning programs? This is exactly what we do for our large corporate customers. Interested ? Come and meet us, we'll show you a demo !

Order taker / Supplier


We offer haptic solutions that recreate the sensations of touch in digital devices. Our product Tactronik is a solution allowing HD haptic feedback in any everyday device: smartphones, car screens, video game controllers, etc.

Senior Project Engineer

Start-up Challenge 2020

Aderly-Invest in Lyon

L'Aderly-Invest in Lyon conseille et accompagne les entreprises dans leur projet de développement en région lyonnaise. Chaque année, plus d'une centaine d'entreprises choisissent Lyon pour y développer leur activité, répondre à un besoin stratégique et profiter d'un cadre de travail d'exception.

Order taker / Supplier


ADINOV is specialized in develpoment and innovation in chemistry. ADINOV have his own laboratory with technical unit to realize custom or standarlized analyses. We provide also technological watch and bibliography in chemistry.

Order taker / Supplier


Adionics has developped a new technology to extract selectively salts out of water. Main applications are on lithium extraction (waste water, salars, geothermal) iodide salts or massive salt extraction (brine management, EOR, drinking water)


Booster de plateformes web, expert de vos infrastructures d'hébergement : - Infogérance Linux : exploitation 24/7, supervision, sauvegardes - Automatisation : IaC, CaaS, intégration et déploiements continus - Architecture : audits, refonte - Formations et ateliers méthodologies DevOps

Order taker / Supplier


ADSELLIA provides its clients (startups / innovative SMEs) with BtoB operational sales services by putting its commercial resources and skills at their service. ADSELLIA thus operates as an outsourced sales force precisely adapted to the needs, from lead generation to closing.

Order taker / Supplier


ADVANS is a holding structure : - ELSYS Design : experts in electronic system's, from Chip to Embedded Software, through digital/analog board - AVISTO : specialized in software development (Information System, mobile, Machine Learning/IA,...) - MECAGINE : conception mécanique





Press agency providing specialized information www.aefinfo.fr

Sales Manager


L’Afnic assure la gestion des extensions françaises de l’Internet. L'Afnic est également un opérateur technique de registre pour le compte de 14 entreprises et collectivités ayant choisi d’avoir leur propre extension dont .bzh, .sncf ou .museum.


Valorisation de l'innovation: passage de la recherche à l'innovation dans le domaine de la défense , via des dispositifs de financement adaptés

Invest in Nord Franche-Comté

The economic development agency Nord Franche-Comté (ADN-FC) has made it its mission to accompany the setting up of companies in a personalized way and to make your steps with the French authorities easier. ADN-FC proposes you a tailor-made offer that suits your needs.

Order taker / Supplier

Agence de Design produit & services spécialisée dans l'expérience utilisateur.

Ova Design is a design agency based in both Paris and Montpellier. Agency’s DNA is that Users are at the center of any experience. From startup to bigger groups Ova Design has successful realizations in various fields, like for example, the EEG headset for URGOTECH or the STELLINA telescope.

Order taker / Supplier

Agilitest - Disruption dans l’industrie IT du test logiciel automatique

CAIPTURE is a software publishing company. Our product, Agilitest, allows you to automate software test scenarios. The main advantage is to be able to be used by test experts without having to code and enhance validated software time to market.

Director General




Agorize connects companies with innovators (start-ups, students, IT profiles), through Open Innovation challenges (O2O hackathons). Benefits: - Prospective, operational or business innovation - Reduced time-to-market - Innovative recruitment - Employer brand

Key Account Manager


Inkjet systems



DATAPOINTLABS can help you to get accuracy's Material data for your CAE ! Whatever the software you use, ask for a test adapted to it and get accurate material data acording to the law of your software (and in your CAE's software format). And in 5-business-day turnaround. for all standard testing.



Vers la réanimation de précision

AiiNTENSE is developing a cognitive assistance solution, integrating an AI and tele-expertise platform, for intensive care services in hospitals and clinics in order to improve the medical, ethical and economic care of patients


Start-up Challenge 2020


AIOVA is a new biotech company which aims to develop and market innovative vaccine solutions against infectious diseases of animals and humans that we are not able to treat with traditional vaccination (AIDS, flu).

Project Director


Recherche de startups innovantes pour inscription à notre programme de donations en Miles

Air France Industries



AFI ensures the maintenance of aircraft, engines and equipment while guaranteeing a set of imperatives: maintenance of aviation safety, good management of aircraft operations and cost control.


Maintenance des avions, des moteurs et des équipements aéronautiques.


Gases for industry and healthcare and associated services


Air Liquide est un leader mondial des gaz, technologies et services pour l’industrie et la santé.


BtoB industry & manufacturing


Gaz médical, santé à domicile


Aéronautique, Aérospatial et défence


Territorial missions around - local economical growth - open innovation - social responsabilities

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